Teach the teacher


One of the aims of the Erasmus mint+ meetings was to enable teachers to generate new visions and ideas. During the three years of exchange we had one teach the teacher seminar with the teachers who already participated on an exchange. We meet from the 20th to 25th in March 2017 to come closer to this aim.

The teach the teacher seminar was held at the Field Study Council (FSC) Castle Head in England closed to the Lakeland District National Park. We meet with 12 teachers from Croatia, Germany and France. Unfortunately, there were no teachers from England joining the program due to conflicts with the schedule. We were joking about the „teachers Brexit“but also it was a sad experience to us that the British peoples voted for leaving the European Union.

Parallel to the Teach the teacher Seminar was the 5 th student exchange with about 48 pupils from 7 different schools of Croatia, Germany and France.

Aims for the teach the teacher meeting

  • to inspire teachers to make more outdoor education and scientific work outside with their pupils
  • to help to discover the own resource and to revive them to achieve more sustainable and fulfilling lessons
  • to get some ideas of interdisciplinary and new ways of outdoor education
  • to integrate education for sustainable development as a self-evident component into one’s own work
  • ideas and suggestions for working with pupils
  • time to develop own ideas and to strengthen MINT
  • to set up country-specific information for the MINT webpage on the methods and practices of Outdoor Education
  • to start networking with the other Partners


Program at a glance


Welcome, getting to know each other, expectations, getting in contact with the nature,

Ecological footprint as background for sustainability, excursion in the area around the house, environmental education


Nature works, lecture of new methods and skills for Mint work with pupils, workshop of creative and inspiring methods to explore biology outdoors


OPAL open air laboratories, different methods for research work. Creating own ideas and methods for the future lessons, lecture “the philosophy of field work”


Give it a go, excursion and field work with own created methods and experiments, visit the lake land district National Park


Reflexion and methods to strengthen ambitions for the teachers, accompanying the European conference for the pupils as practical experience for discussions and mind building



The week was very intense and inspiring. On the one hand, it is always interesting to exchange with other teachers to get a closer view of working conditions and ambitions in everyday life. It turned out very fast that the problems and facts that hold teachers back from improving and getting more ambitious in outdoors and field works are more or less the same and do not really depend on the country issues.


For example, is it hard to do some field work outside and be relied to a strict time schedule which needs to fit for the other colleges. Getting a whole day outside is possible but not a “normal” thing to have. Another fact is the size of the group or the lack of accompanying teachers and safety issues.


So, during the normal work life of a teacher the ambition to do some outdoor work, or to go on excursion gets more or less lost because of the tricky conditions for teaching outdoors.


On the other hand, it was very fast obvious to all of us that outdoor education and MINT is the perfect combination and should be a must have on every school. It fits easily to the curriculum and has a lot of social benefits if you use the time not only in focusing on one subject.


During the meeting, we discovered and developed a lot of ideas, methods and practical experiences to get a lot inspiration for the everyday life back home in school. Also, there were formed two cooperation’s between some schools to keep on working together with the pupils on a sustainable future.


It would be very nice to have more of these international exchanges they offering a real European feeling and moving towards a more practical, inspiring and moving style of teaching no matter which subject you teach.